I have some gifts for you❤️.

Letters to My Inner Child

Empower your healing journey with the 'Letters to My Inner Child' journal, offering prompts and a nurturing starting place to rediscover, heal, and foster compassion for the resilient parts of your inner self

The Glow Up Journal

Unlock your professional potential with 'The Glow Up Journal,' crafted for individuals aspiring to level up and thrive in their career journey.

Mikah's Diversity and Intersectionality Checklist

Mikah's Diversity and Intersectionality Checklist is a comprehensive tool designed to foster inclusivity and understanding. It offers thought-provoking questions and prompts to guide individuals in exploring and embracing diverse perspectives, promoting personal growth, and building connections across various intersections of identity.

Transitioning from Solo to Group Practice Checklist

Streamline your journey to a successful group practice with our  Transitioning from Solo to Group Practice Checklist, covering key considerations for a seamless expansion

5 Day Self-Love Challenge

Embark on a transformative journey to self-love and empowerment with our 5-Day Challenge tailored for entrepreneurs, cultivating resilience and well-being in both personal and professional realms.