I turned my statistic into my SuperPowerI now assist entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in cultivating their businesses from within. By guiding them in confronting their subconscious programming, unifying their past, present, and future selves, aligning their goals, and radiating positivity, I empower them to present their best selves and achieve success. It is crucial to live in harmony with oneself to discover a profitable "sweet spot" as an entrepreneur, which is why I assist my clients in taking an introspective approach to their lives and mindset. I provide guidance on how to increase earnings and live a life in alignment with one's values.


Hello there! My name is Mikah, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor. With more than 15 years of experience counseling individuals and families from diverse backgrounds, I take pride in being the owner of the recently awarded top-ranking Child and Adolescent counseling center in North Georgia, named A Child’s Heart Behavioral Health Center.

On social media, I am known as "That Funny Therapist" and an "Inspirationalist" to those seeking a weekly dose of positivity and love. I have shared my expertise with over a thousand business owners and have collaborated with the Jr. NBA , Not Your Typical PsychoTherapist, The Power of Girls, and Pinwheel Academy as a dynamic speaker, inspiring and motivating all who attended.

My Story

As a single mother, I too faced challenges providing my son with the quality of life he deserved. Life has not always been easy, but it has always presented opportunities. I became a mother during a difficult period in my life when I was struggling to overcome my own childhood trauma, abusive relationship issues, and lack of self-love. During those tough times, I spent many nights in deep reflection.

After a while, I realized that I was the one hindering my progress. My inner critic constantly whispered in my ear that I couldn't succeed or accomplish my goals. The unhealed wounds from my childhood were still affecting me, I lived in my head and I abandoned my heart, and I was using outdated defense mechanisms. Fortunately, I discovered and utilized tools that helped me break free from the abstract noise and find my true potential. As a result, my son and I thrived. And I can show you how!

Why I Do It

My objective is to guide you towards discovering your authentic self and eliminating negative inhibitors that often hinder progress. It all starts with cultivating a positive mindset, confronting our subconscious programming, and accepting who we are. Together, we can reprogram any limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back and propel you towards success.

I am committed to delivering the highest quality experience as we build a strong business relationship to cater to your needs. My services include courses, workbooks, master classes, and community-building experiences that will help you integrate your past, present, and future selves.

If I was able to overcome my own obstacles, I strongly believe that you can too. It's time to prioritize your healing and believe in yourself. You can definitely achieve your goals, and I am excited to assist you in this journey.



Shift into Alignment

Shift into emotional alignment with your business to attract more abundance.

Gain Clarity and Confidence in your Brand

Get into a strategic flow and balance in your business by learning your strategy and authority

Find your Magnetic Authenticity

Attract your ideal customers and business opportunities

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The more intention and service we can bring to our work, the more we can trust our own energy and brilliance to guide us to where we need to be.

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Intuitive Human Design Session

Hello and welcome to my transformative Human Design exploration session. I'm Mikah Miller, an experienced Human Design practitioner dedicated to helping you uncover your unique energy blueprint and unleash your true potential. Agenda: Introduction to Human Design: Discover the fundamental concepts and principles of Human Design. Understand the different energy types, centers, channels, and profiles. Energy Blueprint Analysis: Deep dive into your individual Human Design chart. Explore your energy type, authority, and key centers. Self-Awareness and Alignment: Gain insights into how your energy blueprint influences your life, decisions, and relationships. Learn practical tools and techniques to align with your true self. Releasing Conditioning Patterns: Identify and release conditioning patterns that may be holding you back. Embrace your authentic nature and step into your personal power. Interactive Discussions and Q&A: Engage in interactive discussions to deepen your understanding of Human Design. Address any questions or concerns you may have about your energy blueprint. Practical Applications: Explore practical ways to integrate your Human Design insights into your daily life. Discover how to make decisions in alignment with your true nature. Join me on this empowering journey of self-discovery and transformation. Together, we will unlock the wisdom of your energy blueprint and guide you towards living a more authentic and fulfilling life. If you're ready to explore the depths of your Human Design and tap into your true potential, I invite you to schedule a session with me today. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Thank you for considering my Human Design exploration session. I'm excited to help you discover the power of your unique energy blueprint!

$250.00 USD

"Pick My 🧠" Session

Welcome to my "Pick My Brain" Empowerment Sessions for Therapists! Are you a therapist considering a move to solo practice, contemplating the excitement of starting a group practice, or intrigued by the possibilities of coaching and public speaking? Look no further—these sessions are crafted with you in mind. Whether your questions revolve around entrepreneurship, mindset, or personal development, I'm here to provide personalized support and insights to help you navigate these pivotal decisions. In these one-on-one sessions, I bring a wealth of applicable knowledge to the table. Come prepared with your burning questions, and let's maximize the value of our time together. Whether you're grappling with the logistics of a solo venture, strategizing for a group practice, or envisioning your path as a coach or speaker, I'm ready to share practical strategies and techniques to propel you forward. How does it work? Simply schedule a "Pick My Brain" session, and we'll carve out dedicated time to address your specific needs and concerns. This is your opportunity to tap into my expertise, gain clarity, and receive the support necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. By the end of our session, you'll not only be armed with practical tools and strategies but also inspired and empowered to take your practice to new heights. If you're ready to make the most of your time, come with your questions, and let's embark on this empowering journey together. Book a "Pick My Brain" Empowerment Session today, and let's unlock the full potential of your therapist journey.

$250.00 USD