Hi! I'm Mikah

    Welcome to a transformative journey where I help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs heal their inner child and unlock their true potential. I understand the power of turning our greatest pain into our SuperPower, and now I'm here to guide you in growing your business from the inside out. Together, we will delve deep into your subconscious programming, facilitating the integration of your past, present, and future selves. Through this process, you will discover how to align your inner being with your business aspirations.


    Remember, how you show up in life ultimately determines the results you achieve. That's why I will support you in living in total connection with yourself, so you can unearth your unique and profitable "Sweet Spot" as an entrepreneur. By taking a serious inventory of your life and mindset, we will address any self-sabotaging patterns that have hindered your progress. It's time to break free from these limitations and start realizing your dreams.


With my guidance, you will unlock the potential for greater earnings while living a life in alignment with your true purpose. Embrace this opportunity to heal, grow, and create a thriving business. Together, we will embark on a remarkable journey towards personal and entrepreneurial success.

More About Me!

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, dedicated to guiding individuals and families towards emotional well-being. With over 15 years of invaluable experience, I am thrilled to be the proud owner of A Child's Heart Behavioral Health Center, recognized as the esteemed 2022 Georgia's Best For Child and Adolescent counseling center.
In the vast realm of social media, previously known as  "That Funny Therapist" and currently an "Inspirationalist" for individuals craving a weekly infusion of humor, positivity, and love. Through this digital platform, I have had the privilege of sharing my extensive expertise with thousands of business owners, leaving an indelible mark on their entrepreneurial journeys.
I take pride in collaborating with esteemed organizations such as the Jr. NBA, Not Your Typical PsychoTherapist, The Power of Girls, Pinwheel Academy, The Practice of The Practice, and All Things Private Practice. These fruitful engagements have allowed me to expand my reach and make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals seeking guidance and growth.
With the power of social media at our fingertips, I have harnessed its potential to uplift, inspire, and educate. Each day, I pour my passion into delivering content that resonates deeply with my audience, empowering them to embrace their true potential and create lives filled with purpose.

My Story

As a single mother, I faced numerous challenges in providing my son with the quality of life he deserved. Financially, the responsibility rested solely on my shoulders to meet his needs. Life hasn't always been easy, but it has consistently presented opportunities for personal growth and expansion. I became a mother during a challenging period in my life, as I grappled with overcoming my own childhood trauma, the trauma of an abusive relationship, and a lack of self-love. During those difficult times, I often found solace in deep reflection while my child peacefully slept.
After a while, I came to a profound realization that I was the one hindering my own progress. I recognized that I could no longer blame the absence of child support or the limitations of low-paying Mental Health jobs. I had to acknowledge that the responsibility to create the life my son and I deserved rested squarely on my shoulders. Thus, I embarked on a journey to confront and heal my unaddressed wounds from my childhood. It was crucial for me to recognize that I had been primarily living in my head, neglecting the wisdom and guidance of my heart. It was through connecting with my heart that I discovered the path to my dreams and aspirations.
Over time, I sought out and embraced various tools and techniques that aided in my liberation from the noise of abstract thoughts and allowed me to tap into my true potential. As a result, my son and I not only survived but thrived in our lives. And now, I am here to guide and show you how to thrive as well. Together, we can navigate the obstacles, heal the wounds, and unlock the immense potential within you.

Why I Do It

My purpose is to empower you on a transformative path towards self-discovery and growth by eliminating the negative barriers that often impede progress. Our journey begins with nurturing a positive mindset, confronting the deep-seated programming of our subconscious, and embracing our authentic selves. Together, we will rewire any limiting beliefs and patterns that hinder your success, propelling you towards a future filled with accomplishment.

I am fully dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience, as we forge a strong business relationship tailored to your unique needs. My offerings include a range of valuable resources such as courses, workbooks, master classes, and community-building experiences, all designed to facilitate the integration of your past, present, and future selves.

Drawing from my own personal triumphs over adversity, I firmly believe that you have the power to overcome any obstacles in your path. It's time to prioritize your healing journey and cultivate unwavering belief in yourself. With dedication and guidance, you can undoubtedly achieve your goals, and I am genuinely excited to be by your side every step of the way. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey towards realizing your fullest potential.



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